Our Mission

RTRO understands itself as a movement with a special mission. We want to teach our community how to bring travel

 back to its roots”

Evolving the personality by providing tools and motivation to

 “travel long term

In our opinion to many people are captured in their 9 to 5 live. It is all about

“searching for new horizons. “

And you’ll never expand your horizons by staying in your comfort zone!

If you can identify yourself with this Spirit join the RTRO-Fam and together we’ll transform the planet that we ’re allowed living on into a better, more connected and understanding one. Everyone can make a change,

“you just have to start changing yourself first.”

Our Values


“The future will either be green or not at all”

Too few people have recognized that we have only this one world we live on. Because of that, we strive to have a positive impact on mother earth. A sustainable lifestyle means to us being aware of our environment and the great chances our planet provides us.


“The greater the diversity the greater the perfection”

In times of globalization, our world becomes more and more connected. Different people and cultures get in touch with each other. This is why we want to teach our community an open mindset and attitude. - Cultural exchange brings a positive impact.


“Be a traveler, not a tourist”

Another big part we embody is long-term traveling. We think that a journey provides uncountable impressions to every human. Reaching new horizons and improving your mindset is one of the greatest things in life.