Thoughts on reading

You should give reading a shot! Reading enables thyself to learn from the thoughts of others and enhance your personality.

Reading is a special activity that involves a high concentration and focus, not like watching tv or similar activities. It also involves a practice to not get distracted easily and focus on one thing only. When you start reading it really doesn't matter at all. Fiction or Non-Fiction, both can be really enjoyable.

Once you are into reading a bit more you will find the best fit for your reading style. While reading your mind gets into a state of flow, if not distracted. Written Material, in general, is the source of all knowledge. If you believe that all humans are born with nearly the same brain, reading can change the direction into a meaningful and knowledge-searching direction. It can change your life and give answers to most of the questions you have. Even questions you never thought of 😉.

In the overflow of knowledge, however, it is important to only read material that you think is worth the time. Finding books is easy, it took me about 3 minutes to find a list of travel books. I can actually agree with a lot of these recommendations. I linked it on the end of the post.

Before you buy a book, take the time and read the description on the back of the back ( Amazon got this in their description too, mostly). If you really think you can benefit from it or it will entertain you then buy it. Or, as I like to do it:

Get a service for book summaries (like blinkist) and read the summary. If you got anything you wanted to get out of this book than why read it? There are still enough books for you to read, I promise.

It is always important to really question yourself: What do I want to get out of this book? You will see that it's a lot more rewarding when you find answers to these questions. When reading non-fiction content it will be a lot easier to just skip content you know isn't important for you.

I have experienced that there are a few tools you can use while reading to maximize the learning effect. A text marker to underline phrases that you find really important for example. Also, small color post-its where you can mark different pages and a simple note blog and a pen where you write down stuff, also write down stuff in the book. The technique is called marginalia and it involves a sort of "conversation" with the author by just writing down all you think in the book.

"Reading, if it's active, is thinking"

Marking a book is literally an expression of your differences or your agreements. It is the highest respect you can pay the author. All can be, when finished reading the book, combined to a page where you summarize all the things by sketching, mind mapping or writing them down.

Next, I want to talk about speed reading. There are a lot of tactics out there that are simply not possible to do in every mood while reading. If you want to read faster you always have to remember that

“your unconsciousness can absorb knowledge a lot faster than you could possibly read.”

Stop the time you need with normal speed for a page of a page. Then find a nearly similar page and just try reading double the speed as before. It takes some exercise but can save you a lot of time.

For the last tip, I promise this is the last tip, Take a pen and a ruler and set it on the edge of the text. Now go in by about 5 Centimeters and draw a line, the same with the right side of the text. Now focus on only reading the stuff inside of the lines. It works wonders

I myself, as I discovered non-fiction books, dug into as many books as I could. However, there were such a great amount of strategies and things to do I just couldn't do them all. After reading a lot of them I have forgotten most of it. Why read if you don't apply the useful things in your life or at least try it out.

In the context of this, there is an unknown rule when reading non-fiction books. It's called the 25/75 Rule. You should focus 75% of your time applying these strategies to your life and 25% consuming new material. It helped me come out the phase where you know everything in theory but can never really talk and use the references you experienced while trying them out yourself.

All that said, reading can have a big impact on your personality and is a big part of traveling. You may hear of the traveler’s tradition of exchanging books which is one of the oldest out there. Start today and sit down 30 minutes uninterrupted to read a book you always wanted to read (yes, we all have that).

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