The new RTRO – Time for a change

Back in 2017 we had the Idea to start a special Movement. A Movement that could change the world for good, a movement that inspires people to constantly learn and innovate, a movement that shows us versatile perspectives on our planet. Ultimately leading to a better understanding of our world and our surroundings.

Out of this movement we created RTRO a brand with a special message and a mission. Different to the ordinary brands it is not our main ambition to sell products, we want to bring the RTRO-Spirit to our customers. It is very important for us to convey values like sustainability and frankness throughout the content we create. The customer should identify itself with our products and the Spirit they broadcast.

In our opinion people should connect to each other and life in cultural exchange. Vagabonding for example is a perfect way to expand your horizon and learn about new cultures and countries.

Since quality and sustainability are our #1 goal we decided to stop selling our products until we returned from our travels because we do not know if we still can assure a premium quality when we’re not able to talk to our manufacturers if problems occur. But the good thing is that we’ll have 7 months full of new experiences that will teach us even more and will enable us to produce even better and more meaningful products. Until then we will build up a Blog were we will share everything that taught us something new and helped us opening up our eyes even more. Come with us on our journey and enjoy the New RTRO Blog. – It’s time for a change.