The Search for Religion

You may have heard people say, I don't believe in anything. Or you might be one of this yourself. Still, everyone believes in something. It's basically your view of the world we live in. - Also called "Religion".

Common religions like Buddhism and Islam were created thousands of years ago to answer questions humans had simply no answer to. Now, in a time of science, most of these questions are answered. They proved to be wrong. But why do people need something to believe in? It is a problem that we basically have in our mind our hole life: Why do I exist? - Is there any higher meaning?

In this blog, I want to discuss a new view of religion and faith in general. I am not saying that you should believe in any of these things. There is some time in every life that I personally, would have really appreciated this.

We don't really need a religion anymore but it is passed on from generation to generation. Basically, when questioning faith we start with science. We begin by replacing the religion of our parents with the religion of science.

" To some extent, the religion of most adults is a product of transference."

Still, there is some question to answer. Some call them wonders others coincidence. I personally think that these can't all be coincidences that happen in the world. The question arises is your path predefined? Or is there a bigger power that defines your path before you were born?

"The path to holiness lies through questioning everything."

A lot of unanswered questions. But that's the first step to attaining a new, wider worldview. We must constantly revise and extend our understanding to include new knowledge of the larger world. By enlarging our frame of reference. It is a journey of knowledge, not faith. What you believe in always builds of the current state of knowledge you are in. Religion should always be very personal. Why should you share any of your religious beliefs with anyone on this earth? Not saying that you can't, still, it should be your own decision.

When dealing with miracles we create the existence of "God" who wants us to grow. But is it just a problem of understanding?

If humans don't know how to explain something, religion comes into play. You will surely know some examples. But why? Why can't we just accept that we don't understand certain things? And it's not that we understand everything till now, even after many thousand years on this earth there are a lot of unanswered questions. Some say that we don't even have grasped 1% of all there is to know, or is it infinite?

Coming back to religion, probably no religion on earth can answer these questions rudimentarily. And that's why you should make your personal religion. Why do you need to pray to believe? Can you just believe without praying?

When traveling you will meet a lot of people who just followed their parents' belief. And there are some really knowledgeable people who have their own unique view of the world. Try to listen to them as much as you can. You will be inspired a lot by them. Probably you will take some of their beliefs to craft your own religion. Always try to search for these persons, you will know when you find someone and listen to them, believe me.

I myself understood this but had some questions about this. What is the goal about always widening your horizon? Some call this evolution. Evolution of yourself and the world. Why should I do that?

Why does God want us to grow? - What is the goal of evolution?

Noone can guarantee you that when you attain more knowledge you will be happier. That can be true but doesn't have to. So even if you answered your biggest questions about death, life or anything else it doesn't guarantee happiness. You will always find new questions. It is simply wrong to believe that you will be happily ever after with this.

That's just not how life works. Don't seek happiness and it will happen. Don't think that answering any of your religious questions will solve all problems, it won't.

But, and that's a big one.

"The journey is more important than the destination"

Or, attaining and searching for knowledge, widening your horizon is the goal of it all. There is no end point to it. As is said this should only be an inspiration. These are my thoughts of it. A wild thought that I am currently researching is that the thing we search for, that creates wonders ect.

"could be in all of us?"

Could it be that God, or however you want to call it, is in our unconsciousness? So the part of your brain that you don't "hear" in your head. The part of the brain who gives us creativity. It is always working and is the path to success in thinking, playing sports and a lot more.

For me,

"Religion is unconsciousness."

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