The Right Mindset To Predict The Future

The world is not stopping. In an ongoing pace, it's moving forward. There is, as far as we know, no way of stopping this.

“Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window. ”

But, are there any clues from recent events? Let's take the car for example. The first practicable vehicle was invented by Carl Benz. It has gone to be the most important tool for transportation right now. If you had asked someone at around 1880 of how they would imagine or wish the future to be the answer would have probably been: "Faster horses". They were in a frame of mind where the imagination of a vehicle that runs with fuel just wasn't realistic. And that's the first thing we need to realize: Zooming out is the only way to get into the right frame. That doesn't mean you would have predicted cars that run with fuel, but how about vehicles that get towed by a rope that is under the earth or small railways as streets. These all are predictions that are in the same state.

Let's try this on the computer for example. Like horse dung for a horse-drawn carriage, a keyboard is a waste of materials for the computer. Why don't we have the computer recognize our thoughts and then write down the

parts we want to be written down. And why not have a mouse pointer that is there where our eyes are. Keep in mind that right now our eyes are normally on the mouse pointer so it would not make that big of a difference. Let's go a bit further into the future. Why even have a monitor if you can have holograms that are much easier to carry and can be placed everywhere and then the size can be changed? Or why even have a hologram when we can have a chip in our brain that simulates all this?

Keep in mind that all these predictions can be wrong, but something along that line will be the future in my opinion

This all sounds pretty great, but what brings progress to such things. There are, in every generation, people that do the impossible. Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Bill Gates, Elon Musk. You name it.

They challenge the status quo and think of a way more futuristic way to do things.

They are rationally thinking about what would satisfy people's needs really. They are thinking in a way that has to be trained. They are thinking about solutions and not in problems. In every struggle they find in life, their brain thinks about how to fix this problem in a way that aligns without technical standpoint. Training this mindset can not only relief you from a lot of worries but also be the first step to create your own company. Keep your eyes open and always look out for opportunities where others see a problem.