the genesis of genius

This will probably be the most mainstream topic I am ever gonna touch but I really want to emphasize the importance of this. I will keep it short to not bore you to death.

Have you ever thought about the power of compliments? They can shape whole lives and decide which way they go. If you think about it, what's the thing that brings you the most "flow". Which is the experience that shaped your life, hobby or sport doesn't matter. Now think about the one compliment that really proved to you "I am good at this." Go into the depths of your memory. There will be one. Just imagine you wouldn't have gotten this compliment. Change "You really rock at ..." to "man this is just not your thing" and there you have it. That's how much compliments can influence your life. This can be good but misleading too. Humans are able to do such amazing this and you can, too. The one big quote that stands out for me is:

"Others know nothing"

It does because it highlights the will to decide for yourself to do what you want. You can learn everything, and especially if everyone tells you not to do it. That can actually be a good sign. Believe in yourself and focus on your goal.

When talking about this I always tell the story about Odysseus in "The Oddysey" by Homer. The story of a crew who sails back from the long fight of Troja. On the last few miles, they challenge karma. Long story short, Odysseus struggles to come back to his big love Penelope for 20 years. He only has this one goal in his mind. No matter how cruel life is, death is worse. Or, if you quit you will die. You have to continue on a pursue your big goal. After 20 years he finally comes back to his love.

This books, with its 3000 years on its back, has the biggest life lesson in it, period. Don't give up, just as simple as that.

It won't be easy and there is probably nothing like a "forever happy"- state but it will give you fulfillment for your life.

So do what you think is right and don't get distracted and drive on your path. One last point I want to make is another lesson from a big book. "The Great Gatsby" teaches you that when you pursue your passion you always need to think about why? Why do you have ambition for this, is there any higher goal in this? Do you want to prove to anyone other than yourself ? Overthink your "passion". Don't forget your soul or it will forget you.