The art of lifelong learning

School. I mean who doesn't hate it. Still learning can be so much fun than taught in school. When was the last time you tried learning a new skill? I want to talk about the joy of learning and how it evolves your personality and brings you forward in life. Carol Dweck, the author of "mindset" talks about two different groups of people.

There are people with a "fixed mindset". They have the belief that talents are fixed and can't be improved. They hate failures and never risk anything that gets them out of there comfort zones. And then there are the people with the "growth mindset" which is the belief that basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts, your strategies and help from others. Constantly in search for knowledge.

"You can't divide the world into the weak and the strong. I divide the world into learners and not learners."

However you can't put people in one group, all of us are a combination of both. It's about always trying to improve your will to learn new things and decrease the angst of failure. So it is always possible to change your mindset to the better.

Travelling is all about learning and exploring new horizons. The first skill you may not have thought about is communication. In my opinion, everyone should read "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. He has a variety of amazingly useful tips on how to communicate with others. The one that struck me the most, and that I am now seeing when other people, is that people always just want to talk about themselves and his own interests. Upping their ego.

" The average person is more interested in her own name than in all the other names on earth put together"

This in mind you should watch yourself do it and then do decrease it. I could throw down a whole lot of quotes now but just one more.

"To be interesting, be interested"

If you give people the attention they will start to like you. Remembering what they said and talking to them about that. Asking questions and just being interested. Not just ask as a matter of courtesy. This skill on its own will come in handy your whole life. When meeting locals or other travelers you should always keep in mind that they will, mostly, just talk about themselves what they are doing or accomplished great.

When I was in Hawaii one uber driver I talked to said, after I have asked him how to differentiate Hawaiians and tourists by communication, that when two Hawaiians talk the chance that they tell each other about their job or generally what they are doing or accomplished is close to zero percent, unless they are getting asked specifically. It just doesn't matter if you are the CEO of the biggest company on earth or just a taxi driver, no one cares, in Hawaii. In other regions of the world, everyone is talking about how great they are and what great they are doing.

You have to accept that and listen, but really do listen to them. Ask questions and be interested in what they are talking. There is a great chance after all the talk about themselves there is a good discussion about a topic you both are interested. It can benefit you with great connections and contacts so try on working on that.

Also, when you are in another country, you will encounter many sports and activities that you are not able to know. Use that opportunity for your best. Learning sports like beach volleyball can get you in contact with locals pretty fast. Just be careful that you don't waste money on tourist learning camps and always try to get locals to teach you what you want to learn. It is really important to always be open to learning something new. It will widen your horizon by a lot.