Social Media and Distractions

In this society, all humans cadge for attention. Social Media is the best example of this. Scrolling through the people who watched your story. Why?

Is there any need for this? Social Media is used to compensate a feeling of inferiority. The average teenager spends about 2 and a half hours on Instagram, facebook etc. These companies spend millions to develop the most addictive networks. It is like a spiral that goes down. Deep down.

The best employees at Instagram are not working on the appearance or the technical stuff. They have the task to make their platform as additive as possible. Researching when the brain releases dopamine and creating features that align to that. It's a big problem because it is so addictive for you and your brain. Some say it can be equated with an addiction to drugs.

Your brain is constantly distracted through all the notifications and messages you get. Is any of this meaningful? I think you know the answer. When involved into an activity that needs deep concentration and your brain gets distracted by your cell phone it takes about 20 Minutes for your brain to focus again.

Don't search for these short time rewards. Your brain will accustom to these dopamine-givers and it will be hard for you to get out of this.

“Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not.” 

Create something meaningful in your life. Imagine yourself lying on the deathbed. Will you remember all these hours you just scrolled through Instagram? Used Snapchat to get attention for people you don't really know? No, you will remember the activities that got you out of your comfort zone.

You should feel comfortable with not getting any attention. Focus on your most important relationships and keep in contact with them. A human can roughly know about 150 persons pretty good. That means sport, work, family etc all combined. It is not that much.

Put your phone away. If you can't do it, download the app "Forest". You can set a timer and there won't be any notifications on your phone. If you open up another

application the app is gonna notice and will cancel the timer. For me, it was a motivation to also reach the full time. I felt a bit productive and it was my first step to get rid of all the distractions there are.

A thing I did was just deleting all my social media apps from my phone. I kept a look for people who did notice. They were the rare exception. Some will feel the fear of "missing out" on something. You simply won't. All big companies use this fear to keep us engaged with their platforms.

A more advanced thing you can do is a "digital detox". Mostly it is done for 30 days. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish in this period of time.