Shortness of Life

Do you think you live your life to the fullest? Once you get the sense of accomplishing something big it will become a rush for you.

Imagine yourself going to the doctor about a cold you recently have. After some waiting in the doctor's office, the doctor welcomes you and you both sit down. You tell him about the symptoms you have, nothing special. After taking some blood tests and stuff he tells you to sit down and hear him out.

"You are seriously ill, the remaining time on earth is one year!"

This sounds like the greatest nightmare. Still, there is some good to it. If your remaining time on this earth is such finite you will seriously think about what to do that you always wanted to do to make your life worth living. Is it climbing the Mount Everest or sailing across the Pacific Ocean? We all have dreams about what we want to do in life. Would you be working your job and do what you do now? Compare this situation to your current standpoint in life. Are you working on a big goal or just try to make it?

I really wanted to write a blog about this because it bothers me a lot, too. With one year remaining the excuse: "I'll do it when I have time" kind of lost its sense. And that definitely has some good to it. When was the last time you did something you will remember on your deathbed?

What helped me is a kind of upgraded bucket list. I use the principle of the "impossible list". I have linked in on the end of the post. The principle behind it is rather easy, just think of a goal that sounds completely impossible for you.

For me, there are, for example, travel goals like visiting every continent which doesn't sound that amazing but also crazier goals like visiting 100 Countries. Or sports goals like running the Zugspitze, the biggest mountain in Germany. All comes down to one big point:

"Do something you will remember forever"

If you have a goal which you are very passionate about. You will find solutions to overcome obstacles. Don't be afraid of anything and be consistent about it. As Ryan Holiday, author of the book " The obstacle is the way" states:

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”

Try to cross of a point in your impossible list every month. I can say for myself that it greatly changed my life. For me, it kind of gave me a sense of how I want to live my life. There are more goals, but also obstacles to come, which are just waiting to be overcome by you.

So to put this concept into practice there is a small exercise for you to do. Take a white paper and write down everything you want to accomplish in your life. This will probably take some days but the thinking process is the first step to a fulfilling life. Try to write down the craziest goals you ever had. Also, think about if the time you will need to do it is really worth it for you.

When done with this choose the first one to be checked off your list. It doesn't have to be the hardest one. How about running a 5k? When the goal is chosen set yourself a deadline to succeed with this goal. It could be just signing up for it and just train to this date. This will become a rush where you always try to find bigger challenges. How about a marathon? I want to end this blog post with another quote by Ryan Holiday which, in my opinion, really fits in here.

“Where the head goes, the body follows. Perception precedes action. Right action follows the right perspective.”

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