Race of the rats

It's a cloudy day. Some cold day in winter, where the sun is not up for long. The snow is falling on the skin. Every new cold snow melts away when it meets the skin.

Sniffling around, searching for something to pursue. All eyes are focused on one particular point. No way to realize that there is a cage around. One runs and the other follows. No feeling for altruism is around. They all chase that little bit of cheese laying outside of the cage. A sense of regret can be felt. Why did they run into that cage, chasing for something that is only accessible by going around the cage? It was just too easy to go straight. The minimal amount of effort to receive the reward is used.

This principle is used to catch rats and all other animals. Tricking them to reduce their frame into just the reward so they can't see they are caught. This principle not only works for animals but for humans too. The principle is the same, the execution more sophisticated. Engineered by the brains of the century. It only works when the majority tries not to expand their horizon, widen their frame and ask questions. Getting down to the core principles, the first principles it is called in physics.

It works because human brains are programmed to seek security, wellbeing, and comfort. Going around the cage takes effort. It means investing time in expanding your horizon. The one thing that always suffers is privacy. Privacy will always suffer because the brain doesn't need it to be alive, other than security, food, and shelter. And that is really concerning. Every new "technical advancement" is just a new way to get more data from you. Releasing private information that no company should ever have. Giving it to companies that pay for these details to market their shitty products to you.

"O brave new world that has such people in it"

Privacy should be a fundamental right for every person on this earth. It is worth fighting for a world where privacy and security are equal.

To explain why the situation is alarming to let me introduce you to the concept of nudging. Scientists know more about the brain than ever and nudging is becoming a real thing. Which basically means engraving an opinion in your brain without you noticing it. This could influence elections but also disarm you to decide whether to buy a thing or not. It works by stimulating your emotions with signals that you won't notice but your unconscious does. In the future, they will have to be laws against this because the advancement in these sectors could lead as far as marketers being able to sell you everything because they know on which emotions they need to trigger and how to do it.

The vitreous human gets a reality. But why all that? It all has its origin in greed of humans. Making money not matter if others suffer. You see this in companies such as Nestle or Monsanto. But this is only the vanguard. There is more to come. And you are just to lazy to not use these products. It's actually pretty understandable, but concerning.

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor deserve either one."

Privacy is a right that every human should have. If there is no privacy, there is no democracy, there are just puppets that can be lead in every way they want. And that's why there needs to be a change. A change in the mindset

There are advancements which are getting a lot of hate on the media. Namely blockchain, the "dark" net and many more. Decentralized systems are the way to go. Monopolies will never be fair because they can be controlled by humans, and humans are greedy.

You can start by using VPN to access the internet, on your computer and your phone/tablet. Maybe try out using cryptocurrencies. Disable cookies at your browser, use the Tor Network and so on. Once you get started you will discover the different possibilities for yourself.