Our Blogs - A short introduction

The whole concept behind rtro is to discover the different experiences with travel and provide you with important tools to just get up and into the wild free world.

We want to try to eliminate all the doubts you have with travel and also give you inspirations on where and how you gonna do your trip. We have different categories of blogs we are gonna publish:

- mindset -

you can be in Hawaii but still don't enjoy it. This category is gonna focus on the different attitudes and techniques you can do to make your travel experience the best ever.

- doubt -

What holds you back from traveling? We hope nothing! But still there are some hurdles you’ll need to overcome. We’ll show you ways to trick your mind.

- inspiration -

In this category, we try to find the secret spots of the world and share some crazy travel stories

- plan your trip -

Everything from travel checklist to buses trains and tips for flights

- learnings -

since we are traveling a lot we will share some of our learnings we find shareable

- community blogs -

Written by one of our brand ambassadors.


Our blogs are not written in any order. In our experience people are most likely to go out and travel if they change their mindset first; then overcoming all of their doubts and fears they have. 3rd: get some inspiration where and how to travel. Last but not least: getting out and travel. While you`re out traveling you can read about the learnings of others and maybe try out some new things.