On Meditating

Why do you sleep? To rest your body and feel refreshed probably. But why don't you do that for your brain? You can actually do that, by meditating.

Meditation is the art of self-development through mental Training. A lot of famous and successful celebrities swear on it. But why is that? You have to try it for yourself to really know. You should definitely give it a shot. Don't label it. It isn't for everyone but when finding the benefits of it, you will research this topic. It will grow with you.

It is as simple as just predefining a time for yourself to not chase after any goal. To rest your mind. Rest with all the distractions you have in your life. And just focus on yourself. You will be able to concentrate a lot easier. Your mind will appear a lot more "clean". Not just thoughts flying around without a plan. Limiting the impulse to do something.

The time you need each day depends on you. Try to establish it as a habit in daily life. Instead of scrolling through social media feeds just meditate as the first thing in the morning. It's about doing and thinking about nothing at all. This alone can be really hard to master.

Meditation is known to improve your life by about 10%. Your thoughts seem to be a lot more organized and you can focus on one thing a lot easier.

To start, just sit down comfortably, breath in and out slowly and concentrate on the movement of your breath. The up and down movement of your body. When your brain starts thinking about anything, just try to "push" this thought away, remaining in a calm state. Focus on restricting the impulse to do something and just remain in your relaxation pose.

You can start with 5 minutes per day and then do as long as you want. I personally do 20 minutes a day. It's the amount of time I get the most benefit out of the least amount of time.

Meditation is about finding your inner truth and silence. It leads to the ability to focus on one thing a lot easier.

A bit more advanced tactic is the body-scan. When meditating just try to scan down from your head to toe. Not moving any but feeling them.

Just remember:

"We can change the world if we change ourselves"