Imagining your productive self

Ah yeah, i am gonna do that tomorrow. If i have this, I will be working on my goals. When I am there I will be working 10 hours a day.

You won't.

We all live in our future self. Trying to pretend the here and now is not the only reality we live in. We think that in the future all will go like the plan. That you will succeed because you work hard. Getting back on the reality that we only have one "dimension", and that's here and now. Imagine yourself in the dream home. With all the features you want, all the people you like. Will you be another person than you are now? No.

The only time you will do something that has meaning to you is in the here and now. There is no "Just one more Episode", "I am gonna do that after watching this". It may be that you will do it. But, your brain is gonna get used to doing something like watching an episode on Netflix before pursuing the goal you wanted to do right now.

Don't be that guy who just imagines him as a better person. Be it. If you think your true destiny is writing, than do it. I mean, write words. Write if you want to write. No motivational video, music or anything else is gonna bring you closer to what you desire than just simply doing it. Let it become a passion. Let it be the thing you do while you are frustrated or unfocused. And believe me, it will fulfill you.

It is not just procrastinating. It's dreaming about the future without thinking about the stuff you can change here and now. Base your decisions on what you are as a person in the now. Some would call it a life goal. It actually isn't that hard if you work on it. As i mentioned in the living in the moment post, enjoy now or you won't enjoy life.

In the end you won't be able to look in the future. There will come a time when you have simply not the choice to look forward.

For me a cool thing to do was writing down my "Vision of Life". Just think of the day to day activities you want to do. What do you want to do when you get out of bed. On what projects do you want to work? Which sports do you want to actively do or hobbies you want to go after. Which friends are the ones you gonna spend most time with.

Writing all this down will keep you thinking of this while making important decisions. Focus on the things that bring value to your life not short-term entertainment. Always ask the why question. Why am i doing this ? Do not do it for any other person than urself.