How to evolve personally

The priority for your life is normally something like getting a good house and live there happily ever after. Not saying that this does account for all people. But a lot of them want to stay ground, not risk too much. However, the only way to really evolve is to learn. And, as you may know, learning is best done by failing. Not making a mistake twice, but once.

Tobi Lütke, the founder of Shopify brought up a cool analogy for this. He describes every human life in a cube. There is a certain way to get out there, but you don't know what it is. But you will realize it very quickly when you have done a big improvement and advanced into a new cube. But, when you get out of that cube, you land in a new one. There is always a bigger cube, with a bigger challenge to get out. You can just stay as you are, in your small little cube. Or you try getting out of there. You can higher the chances of finding a cue to get out by reading, traveling or "failing". You want to get into a state, where failing is not seen as bad, but as needed to evolve

Summarizing this, evolving personally means finding a flaw in your life where you can improve so much, that you will advance into the next "cube".

I will give you an example of mine, that I think will let you understand this better. When I made an argument, and someone proved this wrong, I would just argue against him. I committed myself to stay to one side of that argument till both were angry at each other, not always but sometimes. After reading some books about communication I tried just not arguing. If I really had a standpoint I listened to the others, and if their argument proved to be right I admitted that I was wrong.

That all sounds pretty small and something every person should do. I didn't. Now you have to find your mistakes and admit to yourself that you can improve on them.