How gaming got me into reading

Right now I am listening to the intro music of Fallout 4 and it got me thinking about the influence of gaming for me. Gaming is getting a lot of hate by the media and I want to describe my point of view in gaming and how I profited from it.

When Witcher 3, a famous singleplayer game, came out my life just changed for 1 week. I didn't do anything other than playing this game. The story of it is like a Hollywood film. But, your decisions in this came will influence the way the game proceeds. It is like an interactive 100-hour long movie. But what does this have to do with traveling?

No, much I have to admin. Still, I want to describe the effects of gaming stories in my life. Basically playing the game Witcher 3 introduced to me to the art of story as I have never experienced before. And also it introduced me to reading. Then I discovered non-fiction and after that wanted to travel. The Witcher series is based off a series of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. I dove into the world of the witcher and read all the books there were. Reading was never my thing before but I enjoyed it more than gaming. I enjoy gaming too but in combination with reading it is just damn enjoyable.

But what got me reading? - What was the point where I realized: "Reading is actually enjoyable"?. I think that for probably the first time in my life I reaped the rewards of investing time in long-term enjoyment. I saw how this story and getting to know more about it and its characters gave me more enjoyment then just watching tv or scrolling through social media feeds searching for something that gives my brain dopamine.

A that for me the reason I started reading more, fiction and non-fiction. It was my search for entertainment. And I learned to enjoy it, even more, when I didn't rush through searching for the one point where all comes clear. Enjoying the search and going through the story with attention to the detail.

Gaming is in my opinion, not a bad thing to do. Just don't overdo it. Try to grow your interest in different characters and stories. There is so much to be discovered if you are interested. It is a free time activity that can build character.

I want to invite you to the world of gaming and try to describe you the moments that just gave me creeps. You can learn a lot from it.

"War, war never changes"

Fallout 4, my biggest love when it goes to music. Basically, the story, in short, is that there is an atomic apocalypse in America and you have signed up for a program where you will be stored in a "vault". I don't want to spoil too much but you wake up after frozen for years and discover the effects of the catastrophe. Searching for your son you wander through contaminated land and discover a lot of interesting things.

This game introduced me into the love for old music. Wandering through the completely destroyed land while listening to "The Wanderer". This indescribable feeling of irony this game has is incredible. Since playing this game I am listening to old, mostly forgotten songs and always remember this game.

"I am no hero, never was, never will be."

This game is definitely not for everyone. If you're into Sci-fi just a bit you are gonna love it. The story is just written amazingly and will leave you thinking a lot. It taught me the power of the unknown. How a story can be left gripping for a long time. It gave me a whole new insight into the power of influence by politic on the human.

“A man chooses! A slave obeys!"

The last one I want to mention is the series of BioShock. This game left me thinking for years. I wanted to grasp the story but just simply couldn't. Again, the power of the unknown. I searched every bit of the game for hidden hints on the story, and there were a lot of them. Also, I fell in love with the song "Will the circle be unbroken". This game is a masterpiece and I want to end this blog with a quote, in my opinion, the most meaningful of this game.

“We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.”

Gaming has changed my life. But one advice which every parent does tell you: "Don't overdo it". The art of knowing when to stop. Thank you for reading.

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