Hard days and life

Everyone has them and everyone hates them. The really bad from the bad. Where all bad things combine themselves to attack you on the same day. There is a saying:

"Life is difficult."

And it definitely is. It just blows us all away. We are sometimes just too weak to get all things into the place we want them to have. I have experienced that there is a lot of misconception when traveling. Thinking that this trip is gonna change your life for the better. But when there, a lot of things will go wrong. Not only in your reach but also at home. You may travel the world but still, lose a friend or lose a job. There are things, a lot of them, you simply can't change.

But once we accept that life is difficult, life will in small steps become less difficult. It all comes down to our thoughts about it.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

Accepting the responsibility for your problems. We all try to avoid problems. Hoping that they go away. Confronting them helps us grow. And even makes it all appear like we can handle it now. Feeling strong.

Do you fear to check your bank account because you spent too much? Or, what happened to me, avoid catching up with old friends because you have neglected them in the past. The problem you avoid will not fix itself. The very first step is to accept that you have a problem. Don't fear. Problems won't disappear. Confront them.

Having a flawless life would be boring, wouldn't it?

Traveling without a plan has a lot of advantages. But, you will once upon a time, happen to have nowhere to sleep for the night. Dealing with this is really hard if your shy at approaching other humans. You, for example, if all goes wrong, can go to the fire department. They will definitely get you a place to sleep. Or if you are more of an introvert, why not staying in a 24/7 Starbucks. It will be a long time and you are mostly not allowed to sleep in them. Still, they are a safe place to stay but will leave you with a hell of a jetlag.

You will learn that there is a way. There will always be a way. Try not to hesitate and let it go as it should be. Don't challenge fate, go with it. Improve with it and believe in the great life can give.

If you like you can also try taking it with humor. Make jokes about your current situation and don't feel that everything is going wrong. There will be a spark of light somewhere, I promise.

Always try to impart the positive things in your situations and you will get better in a short amount of time

A good, but brutal, example is the one Viktor E. Frankl states in "Man searching meaning". He himself was a prisoner in Auschwitz. He talks about the scale of badness in life. He says that this scale doesn't reach that much wider to the bottom for different humans. The only reason he survived as one of the few was his constant belief in seeing freedom again. He always imagined being free again, writing books about what he experienced. This is what kept him alive and others not.

For the joke, when prisoners got their food which was always a soup with beans in it they talked about getting one "from the bottom" which means that the ladle did go completely to the bottom and got some beans which were existential for survival. Not just water. One time while in camp the prisoners laughed about a future situation where, when ordering a soup at a restaurant they would tell the waiter to serve one "from the bottom".

Humor does not have any limit and can help us withstand very difficult situations. It enables us to think about this situation as a whole.

Whichever tactics you use. Always keep in mind that no matter how cruel life becomes, death is worse. Keep up your work even in the darkest days and you will succeed in what you want to do.