Enjoying the moment

Back on my trip through Scotland while watching other people I realized something that made me ask myself what is the difference between home, in my case Germany, and let's say Edinburgh? You wake up just like you do at home, probably a little bit more uncomfortable than at home. You`re eating, perhaps local food but still you`re only eating. I think you get what I want to say. Have you ever watched tourists at the most beautiful places staring into their phones and looking grumpy? If friends are on vacation and they tell you that it was awesome or even life-changing - do you really think they enjoyed it as much as they told you? Probably not. So I asked myself:

“What makes travel enjoyable?”

Many people have spent their life trying to figure out this question. For me, it's not about seeking new places all the time; rather I love to enjoy where I’m currently at. Sounds pretty easy but it’s actually a lot harder to do than it’s said. I am personally a big fan of mediation (I use headspace for those who want to know) because it helps you to realize how pleasurable life can be by just living in the moment. But that’s just one of many ways… Basically there is no general answer to what makes travel more enjoyable. But still, there are some things that I thought were really helpful so I wanted to pass them on to you:

“Do not live for any other than yourself.”

“Do not care what others think.”

A good exercise for this is

the coffee challenge ☕

go ahead and ask at the next coffee shop if you could get 10% off the coffee. The answer is irrelevant (it's gonna be mostly positive if you ask kind)

or meditation 🧘🏼

the art of training your unconsciousness. You don't need to do it every day but at least give it a shot. You are gonna be amazed how fast your brain and thoughts are drifting off while doing nothing.

Write ✏️

Be it morning pages or a travel diary. Just try to write about your last day and try to recap all the great experiences you had so your brain is gonna look out for these situations. You are gonna find out that in the recap you will find a lot more situations that you found pleasurable than in the moment.

The last thing is

watching and observing people. 👀

If you are on a trip, search for a decent cafè with a good amount of people. Sit down and just watch what they are doing, do nothing else, just watch them. You will see 😉